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Insight-led Sales offers services for businesses looking to enhance their revenue and requiring support with account management and sales. Its integrated and data-driven approach helps businesses with predicting revenue, leveraging KPMG in India’s market presence, reaching out to customers across relevant sectors, and creating a smooth path to purchase.

Who is this for?

  • Firms that plan to have customised GTM offerings for their CEO, CTO, Marketing Head and Enterprise Head
  • Businesses looking for revenue enhancement
  • Organisations that need support with account management of key customer segments and improvement in customer stickiness
  • Businesses facing a challenge with sales campaign management

What we bring to the table?

  • Cost-efficient mode
  • Revenue predictability
  • Greater scalability
  • Higher customer outreach
  • Focus on targeting right customer segment/cohort
  • Customer-first approach
  • Digitisation in lead closures, wherever possible

What sets us apart?

  • Data and insight-led approach: Insights on industry, customer, technology
  • Integrated approach: Thorough tracking of leads and a smooth approach from lead identification to closure
  • Our track record: Successful delivery of projects across the IT, tech and telecom sectors; worked with some of the biggest brands in this country
  • KPMG in India ecosystem: Our widespread market presence and strong client relationships 

Our offerings

  • Lead to closure
  • Virtual relationship manager (VRM)
  • Customer analytics
  • Sales and channel analytics
  • Order management
  • Ecosystem insights
  • Frictionless path to purchase

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