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KPMG in India assists global and national majors in designing, establishing, and operationalising Enterprise TPRM programme. The programme vision and services are designed based on the client’s organisational priorities and may include achieving a faster onboarding, improved focus on risk and quality, regulatory compliance and enhanced user experience for stakeholders (including internal and external).

The service offerings include:

  1. Design - Support in establishing and/or uplifting of Enterprise Third Party Risk Management programme in line with the industry-leading practices and regulatory requirements.
  2. Operate - Support in executing newly designed and/or uplifted Enterprise TPRM framework elements covering pre-screening, service risk profiling, risk assessments, contracting, ongoing monitoring, issue management and termination.
  3. Transform - Support in implementing technology platform to automate Enterprise TPRM processes to gain operational efficiency and better utilisation of resources.

Enabling Enterprise TPRM Programme

Enterprise TPRM services are designed to provide coverage to various entity types, address risks across the spectrum, and enable risk management throughout the third party relationship lifecycle.

The Enterprise TPRM framework is enabled by policies, procedures, technology, and organisation construct to monitor programme metrics through strategic and operational dashboards.


Why KPMG in India?

KPMG in India has a strong team of 500+ individuals focused on enterprise third-party risk management with skill sets such as financial health check, reputation risk assessment, anti-bribery assessment, KYC Check, ESG risk assessment, corporate due diligence, sanction check, cloud security, application security and product security, cyber security, pen testing, etc.

Team Expertise

We have in-house digital assets that are primarily leveraged to assess and manage non-cyber risk domains on top of the assets covered as part of TPRM (cyber focused) service offering:

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