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In today's ever-changing security landscape, there is an increasing scrutiny from regulators, bigger penalties, and ever-increasing security and privacy concerns. The challenges faced by the organisations may vary from increasing precision of computer abuse and computer cybercrime, inconsistent business partner requirements and compliance expectations, gaining the assurances needed to allow organisations to safely engage with their customers and trading partners, and inefficient internal compliance management processes. Our HITRUST assurance programme will provide insights to build a proactive approach for covered entities and their business associates for data protection and security risk mitigation.

Your journey to security starts with our HITRUST expertise

As a HITRUST external assessor, KPMG in India is offering HITRUST assurance programme which provides organisations with a coordinated approach. This approach ensures all programmes related to security and privacy are aligned, maintained, and thorough to support an organisation’s risk management and compliance objectives. It acts as a central gatekeeper which takes into consideration internationally recognised security standards like NIST, HIPAA, FTC, PCI DSS, COBIT, Red Flags, ISO, and GDPR

Roadmap for HITRUST Journey

Roadmap for HITRUST Journey

The objective of our HITRUST Assurance Program is to establish a holistic approach for the organisations to manage information security risk

The objective of our HITRUST Assurance Program is to establish a holistic approach for the organisations to manage information security risk

Assessment options to meet every level of assurance

Assessment options to meet every level of assurance

HITRUST certification caters to varying levels of budget, resources, and risk profile of an organisation

  • HITRUST Risk-based, 2-Year (r2) Validated Assessment + Certification
    A high level of assurance that focuses on a comprehensive risk-based specification of controls with an expanded approach to risk management and compliance evaluation
  • HITRUST Implemented, 1-Year (i1) Validated Assessment + Certification
    Provides a moderate level of assurance that addresses cybersecurity leading practices and a broader range of active cyber threats compared to e1 Assessment
  • HITRUST Essentials, 1-Year (e1) Validated Assessment + Certification
    Provides entry-level assurance focusing on critical information security controls and demonstrates that essential cybersecurity hygiene is in place

Applicability of our HITRUST Assurance Programme

  • Companies that access, create, transmit or store sensitive health information of US-based customers
  • Companies concerned about the HIPAA law and penalties being levied by US regulators and 
  • Service providers already providing or intending to provide any of the following services to US-based healthcare service providers such as:
    • Back-office support
    • Software development, host or support services
    • Transmission of health data
    • Business support to medical tourism/life insurance providers and
    • Support to US healthcare federal agencies such as CMS and FISMA.

KPMG in India, A trusted and certified HITRUST external assessor

Accredited and Authorized

KPMG being a certified HITRUST external assessor is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance to perform readiness, remediation and assessment work for certification using the HITRUST CSF. In addition, KPMG is on the AICPA task force which enables it to map the responsibility of the HITRUST CSF into the SOC 2+HITRUST reporting

Efficient Approach and Methodology

KPMG can assist you with the adoption of the HITRUST CSF as the foundation of your security and privacy compliance program based on its cross functional approach and methodology in line with global practices

Continuous Support and Guidance

KPMG guides and advice clients throughout the HITRUST certification journey (scoping exercise, self assessment and validated assessment) and assists them in responding to HITRUST QA and certification queries

Deep Expertise

As a certified HITRUST assessor, we have a pool of experienced certified HITRUST CSF practitioners who deliver engagements for clients across various sectors

KPMG in India HITRUST Service Offerings

HITRUST CSF readiness assessment

  • Assist organisations in assessing their current readiness towards HITRUST CSF certification requirements
  • Prepare organisations for the validated assessment
  • Assist organisation to establish the baseline of its system compliance and capability
  • Identify high risk areas of non-compliance, residual compliance score, and corrective action plans

HITRUST certification

  • Assist organisations in performing a HITRUST CSF validated assessment
  • Assist organisations in submitting results to HITRUST for validation and certification
  • Perform QA validation and provide responses to QA queries
  • Assist organisations in framing Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and GAP analysis.

SOC 2 + HITRUST report

  • Assist service organisations with a SOC 2+ report based on Trust Service Criterias (TSCs), as defined by AICPA, and additional category by HITRUST
  • Opinion on fairness of presentation of description and suitability of design and operating effectiveness of controls based on relevant TSCs and HITRUST CSF
  • Enable organisations to meet the applicable TSCs and the HITRUST CSF security and privacy criteria in a single report
  • Enable organisations to communicate information about their compliance with regulatory requirements and organisation’s controls over protected sensitive information.

SOC 2 report and HITRUST Certification

  • Assist organisations by performing the necessary testing to express an opinion on SOC 2 report, and perform HITRUST CSF validated assessment in parallel to achieve HITRUST CSF certification
  • Leverage the evidence, testing, and documentation across SOC 2 and HITRUST examination, ensuring synergies between these assessments and reducing audit fatigue.

Explore the advantages of our HITRUST Assurance program - A comprehensive program delivering unparallel benefits from risk mitigation to a strengthened security posture


  • Outlines organisations’ information risk management and compliance objectives
  • Helps mitigate cyber-related risks, through thorough controls and consistent approach to assessment
  • Reduces cost and provides a unified approach for managing data protection compliance
  • Evolves according to user input and changing conditions in the standards and regulatory environment at least on an annual basis
  • Rationalizes relevant regulations and standards into a single overarching security framework.

Essence of HITRUST Certification is “Assess once and report many” thus saves time for multiple compliance

Essence of HITRUST Certification is “Assess once and report many” thus saves time for multiple compliance

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