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In today’s business environment, organisational leaders need to be able to manage tighter budgets, shorter timescales, scarcity of resources and rapidly changing technology. The business environment is dynamic with an accelerating rate of change. To remain competitive in the world economy, companies are embracing project management to consistently deliver business value.

Project management brings direction and leadership to projects. Without this direction, a team is unaware of where they are, which way they are heading and if they will ever reach the destination.

Irrespective of the development lifecycle (predictive, iterative, or agile) being adopted by the project, it can always benefit from standard project management principles, practices and techniques.

Project management training

Project management training


Formal project management training is a key part of the journey, which may be through a refresher or fresh concept to new managers.

We offer two types of trainings…

Project management training workshop

The training programme is either a classroom-based or live-virtual, instructor-led session. The client specific course aims at enhancing the competency of project management workforce and helps them learn the best practices of project management. The programme would be a blend of discussions, role plays, exercises, and case studies to make it a hands-on programme.

Project management

Training objectives

To enhance project management knowledge

Focused training on specific knowledge area in project management

Practical experience based workshop, discussions on the topics based on customised examples from the client organisations along with numerous hands-on, live exercises to the participants.


Participation certificate is provided.


Between 1 to 5 days and is customisable as per client requirement. 

PMP® exam preparation training

The training programme is either a classroom-based or live-virtual, instructor-led session.

The course aims at providing the project management concepts preparatory training, a prerequisite to taking the PMI® PMP® Certification Exam. The programme would be a blend of discussions, role plays, exercises, and case studies to make it a hands-on programme.

Training objectives

Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam preparation training


Participation certificate is provided along with 35 PDU


32 hours


Modes of training

Live virtual, online instructor led session


Live offline instructor-led classroom session

Niche training in management

Niche Training

To augment the areas surrounding project management, we offer some niche trainings which can be customized to client preferences with a focus on knowledge areas like project risk management, stakeholder management, cost management, etc.

Additionally, we also offer advisory and training on topics:

  • Records management
  • Business continuity management
  • Communication management
  • Crisis management
  • Crisis communication management, etc.

Our custom designed management training programmes are created to meet specific client objectives and made to align with industry best practices.

Our approach includes:

  • Focus on skill enhancement
  • Hands-on practical learning using case studies, role plays and group exercises from industry experiences
  • Certificate of participation is issued upon completion of course.

Our faculty has experience of being trainers to various corporate workforces and also being visiting faculty to IIT DoMS, IIM.

Project manager competency assessment

Project management
Present challenges
The few challenges in the present industry are:
  • Certification-oriented trainings focus on knowledge enhancement and not skill development
  • Off-the-shelf competency assessments are mostly objective. Case studies/Live projects are representative of real project work
  • Popular certifications in the industry might not assess candidates on practical skills

To overcome the above, through the project manager competency assessment, we offer these benefits.

PM competency assessment – benefits

The potential benefits, to name a few are:

  • Learn practical nuances of project management not taught in conventional trainings
  • Get an insight of the quality of project management skills possessed by your workforce – through objective scorecards
  • Identify areas of improvement for your project management workforce to custom design learning path
  • Facilitating in your organisation endeavour to make the project management workforce, industry-ready

Assessment approach

Our approach to the assessment is:

  1. Role skill mapping
  2. Coaching
  3. Case study de-briefing
  4. Concept application (offline by PM participants/aspirants)
  5. Due diligence evaluation (online/offline by coach)

            —    Includes detailed evaluation and scorecard

We cover the spectrum of project management knowledge areas during assessment, complete with a Rubric / Competency Dictionary on the skill set.

We also provide customised, focused project manager assessment approaches in either part or full knowledge area based on client needs and is customisable to any duration or participants or content.

Deployment support

Deployment support


Some organisations might require assistance to their project management workforce, over and above the training.

Hence to facilitate the organisation’s project management workforce to gear up to the requirements, we also offer services of experienced professionals with vast industry experience to provide guidance and advisory in your organisation who would be fully dedicated and full time. Further details are available on request.

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