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Offering: insights for innovation


Offering: strategic innovation



Duration: 6-12hrs 

These are a series of high-paced, intense, and time-boxed, one day workouts for result oriented creative problem-solving. We draw from the best practices of design thinking to find innovative solutions for business challenges. Be it improving your existing ideas, uncovering bold new opportunities, or addressing urgent timebound issues, we shall strive to provide the support, guidance, and tools you need to create great results in less than 200 minutes* (conditions apply).

a. Strategic brand alignment - This workout helps leaders re- define their vision for their business unit, product, or service: for a changing market. And clearly articulate a comprehensible and strategic plan that sets a defined direction for their products/ services.
b. Innovation next – This is a resilience strategy workout. It helps in understanding and decoding the trends that could disrupt the future of your business and define the next business challenge for your team.
c. Building empathy - This workout helps teams discover key customer stakeholders involved, and identify their relationships, needs, and wants in a meaningful way. These insights help teams identify improvement opportunities
d. The ‘wow’ experience – This workout helps teams create a journey of the people, places, systems, and information that customers interact with. Teams uncover customer challenges and opportunities at various experience touchpoints, generate ideas to resolve them and gain new insights
e. Culture design - This workout helps leaders and HR professionals identify the core values of the culture they wish to build in an organisation. And ideate, define and prioritise actionable practices, policies, and rituals they could implement to meet their end goal. The workout is based on the principles of Geert Hofstede’s culture onion.
f. Business modelling - This workout helps teams frame and structure their business idea into a simple business model canvas, through a structured deliberation on each aspect of modern business.
Strategic sprint – 5-7 days: These are tailor made co creation workouts designed to take a problem to rough prototype (solution detail) through a curated and structured workout.

Strategic sprint – 5-7 days: These are tailor made co creation workouts designed to take a problem to rough prototype (solution detail) through a curated and structured workout.

Offering: innovation culture


Competency enablement: Holistic competency enablement solutions using proprietary assessment and development frameworks utilising tenets of service and delivery excellence.

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Innovation trainings

The team has a collective experience of having delivered over 150 tailored training assignments, over 200 innovation consulting assignments and created 20 + brands. We have driven innovation across multiple sectors, in both B2B and B2C segments.

Duration: 16 hours

Target audience: Senior students / professionals

Objective: To be trained on the new skills of driving and doing innovation, by focusing on understanding customer/user empathy to drive rapid ideation, prototyping and user testing.

Details: Hands-on workshop using the tools of design thinking and trend watching. Covers the types and drivers of innovation and the evolution of service/experience economy.

Duration: 16 hours

Target audience: Students/professionals already trained in design thinking

Objective: Understanding the construct of brand strategy (vision/values/experience and culture), understanding the changing customer behaviour, learn tools to planning a brand.

Details: Lecture and workshop format on understanding the market shift and importance of purpose and value driven brand strategy. Introduction to basic tools and process of brand creation and its culture design.

Duration: 16 hours

Target audience: Students/professionals already trained in design thinking

Objective: To be trained on the skills of mapping and forecasting the impact of trends on user behaviour and business to map meaningful business opportunities.

Details: Hands-on workshop to understand service design, future trends - their needs the early adopters and the anticipated impact on the future. Defining the new product or service and creating a future business model. It shall also touch upon the open innovation ecosystem design.

Duration: 24 hours

Target audience: Professionals

Objective: To train on the basic principles and tools to ideate a new differentiated business or reposition/expand the old one. Understand the importance and impact of purpose-driven brand and culture. Understand user behaviour to anticipate future behaviour trends. To learn the techniques of business modeling and brand design.

Details: Hands-on training with experts in the domain of planning and designing new brands/business. An integrated module that integrates learning module from design thinking, trend-based innovation and brand strategy to develop user empathy, understanding social insight to define the brand differentiator of service and experience, define the values of the brand and designing the culture based on the values. To define the positioning, channel, and communication strategy.

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