KPMG in India and OutSystems announce an alliance to offer innovative low-code digital solutions to customers

KPMG in India and OutSystems, one of the global leaders in high performance modern application development

KPMG in India and OutSystems, one of the global leaders in high performance...

Mumbai, 30 May, 2023 – KPMG in India and OutSystems, one of the global leaders in high performance modern application development, today announced that they are partnering together to deliver innovative low-code digital solutions to customers, for implementation across the customer’s entire user base. Together KPMG in India and OutSystems will look to provide clients and customers, with the ability to develop and deploy new, innovative low-code digital solutions at a faster pace with fewer resources than ever before.

A recognised leader amongst many in the enterprise low-code platforms space, OutSystems, has the ability to create customisable and complex solutions for any environment or industry, thereby allowing to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

The current business environment is dynamic and competitive, with ever-changing modes of operations and processes, which means enterprises need a faster way to deliver applications across user interfaces, business workflow and data management systems. High performance low-code development platforms like OutSystems provide a well-established way to lower maintenance costs, lower dependence on third parties for development and maintenance, and increase the speed of delivering functionality to business. This way they would also be able to enable enterprises to build quickly and innovate faster, while deploying customer facing apps, internal business processes and core platforms.

To build capacity and expertise, KPMG in India has established a Centre of Excellence (CoE) focussed on building capabilities on OutSystems. The emphasis would be on delivering some of our leading solutions in the most efficient manner using OutSystems, as the platform provides an ideal environment to build a technology landscape for customers across various sectors.

The joint proposition will see KPMG in India and OutSystems working together and offer clients and customers the following:

  • Development and deployment of complex cloud or on-premises enterprise applications combined with KPMG in India’s experience on delivering low-code solutions by leveraging technology expertise could help customers realise true business value in financial services and other sectors
  • Ability to integrate with existing IT infrastructure, resulting in eliminating the need for a ground-up development of enterprise applications
  • Quick turn-key development of last mile applications and interfaces could help extend the capabilities of systems deployed across the enterprise
  • Help move the organisation away from high-code ecosystem, that will consequently lead to incremental modernisation of the application environment of the enterprise.

“In order to thrive today, enterprises are transforming their ongoing business operations, to increase efficiencies and target new revenue streams,” said Vishnu Pillai, Office Managing Partner, Kochi and Partner, Technology Enablement-Financial Services, KPMG in India, “The pulse of the industry is to innovate and implement, almost instantly. Together with the OutSystems low-code platform, KPMG in India will be able to help and strategise an enterprise’s digital journey to address their need at any level of application complexity, across the spectrum, quickly and efficiently” added Pillai.

“KPMG in India’s alliance with OutSystems is aligned to the need for an agile approach to new application development. Together with OutSystems, we look forward to helping our clients and customers transform faster and at scale, in their journey towards becoming a truly digital enterprise” said Sajith Simon, Partner-Strategic Alliances and Relations, KPMG in India.

“This partnership marks a great opportunity to showcase how a high-performance low-code platform can enhance business agility and deliver innovation for our customers. The partnership will also enable us to provide end-to-end solutions that are tailored to each client's specific needs, ensuring their success in an ever-changing landscape. We are very excited to partner with KPMG in India, and work together to help businesses drive growth, enhance their agility, and achieve their digital transformation goals faster” said Subrato Bandhu, Regional Vice President, OutSystems India.

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