Frauds and leakages in the consumer markets sector have been rapidly evolving, given that the sector has been witnessing growth, technology transformation and changing consumer preferences. 

In order to obtain a broader perspective on the topic, KPMG in India conducted a survey with experts from finance/compliance domain in various organisations in the consumer markets sector (FMCG, consumer durables, agriculture, retail and e-commerce), covering questions pertaining to frauds and leakages faced by them.

We have put together a document which captures key insights of the survey that were found to be on similar lines with the insights noted by KPMG in India summarising the results from investigating of 200+ individuals through the POV document released in 2023 titled 'Evolving frauds and profile of a fraudster in consumer markets sector'.

Read our report on Evolving frauds in the consumer markets sector to know more.

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