Women in leadership remains a critical but often under-addressed issue in today's corporate world. To bridge the gap and foster a more equitable future, a comprehensive survey on women in leadership is essential. KPMG in India in collaboration with AIMA presents the Women Leadership Survey in Corporate India. The survey considers perspectives from professionals across industries on multiple aspects, allowing them to reflect on the maturity of their organisations in this space. This survey will provide valuable insights into the current state of affairs, paving the way for targeted solutions and action plans. The survey is aimed at analysing the current representation of women in leadership positions across industries in India, while identifying the key challenges women face in attaining leadership roles. The need for conducting this study arises from the persistent underrepresentation of women in leadership roles across various sectors. Despite significant progress, women continue to face barriers and biases that hinder their professional growth and limit their access to leadership positions. By conducting this study, we seek to shed light on the underlying factors that perpetuate this gender disparity and identify effective solutions to address them. The survey also focuses at drawing insights on the practices adopted by leading organisations to promote women leaders, and the recommendations for others to follow. Furthermore, the importance of this study lies in its potential to generate valuable insights and actionable recommendations for individuals, organisations, and policymakers. By examining the experiences and perspectives of women, the aim is to uncover the unique qualities and skills they bring to the table, as well as the challenges they encounter throughout their leadership journey. This knowledge can serve as a foundation for designing targeted interventions and initiatives that support the development and advancement of women in leadership. Moreover, this study recognises the transformative power of women's leadership. Research has shown that diverse leadership teams, inclusive of women, foster innovation, enhance decision-making processes, and drive organisational performance. By amplifying the voices and contributions of women leaders, organisations can unlock their full potential and create a more equitable and prosperous society. Another crucial aspect of this study is its role in inspiring and empowering the next generation of women leaders. By highlighting the achievements and narratives of successful women in leadership, organisations can aim at providing role models and mentors who can guide and motivate aspiring women. This study will contribute to building a supportive ecosystem that encourages women to embrace leadership roles, nurtures their talents, and equips them with the necessary skills to excel.

In conclusion, the study on women leadership is not only timely but also essential for achieving gender equality and fostering inclusive societies. It is a roadmap for progress, a tool to equip the organisations to dismantle barriers and pave the way for a future where exceptional women leaders are not the exception, but the norm. By examining the challenges, aspirations, and success factors of women leaders, organisations can develop evidence-based strategies that promote equal opportunities and create an environment conducive to women's leadership. This study holds the potential to drive systemic change and empower women to lead in all spheres of life, benefiting individuals, organisations, and society as a whole.

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