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Building Sustainable Brands
Integrating ESG commitments to propel organisational impact

ESG has transformed the corporate landscape, driving sustainable growth and societal impact. Embracing ESG principles enhances reputation, attracts top talent, and fosters enduring stakeholder relationships. As millennials and Gen Z gain purchasing power, demand for ESG prioritization grows, with a significant willingness to support eco-friendly and sustainable brands. For effective brand measurement organisations need to understand the perception of their brand’s ESG credentials, and which messages and target groups stand to deliver the greatest return on investment.

Integrating ESG into business strategies demands transparency, stakeholder engagement, and ongoing measurement. Prioritizing initiatives aligned with brand values, engaging stakeholders, and transparently communicating progress are essential for meaningful ESG integration. By emphasizing innovation, promoting transparency, optimizing product lifecycles, engaging communities, and collaborating with stakeholders, companies can authentically showcase their commitment to ESG principles and drive positive change.

At KPMG in India, we believe that ESG is a watermark across organizational initiatives and an ongoing commitment to build stronger brands across all our engagements and operations.