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Insights-driven decisions can give a strong competitive edge to any business, enabling it to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions while seizing new opportunities.

Introducing KPMG Insights Edge, a mobile app by KPMG in India for on-the-go access to our publications, events, blogs, service offerings and more, enabling our clients to stay abreast with latest market insights.

Navigate through KPMG Insights Edge app that provides insights and publications on the ever-evolving trends and dynamic business landscape, in just a few clicks.

Stay abreast of latest KPMG Insights

Get real-time notifications

Follow KPMG Insights on your preferred sector and topic

Create your own Insights dashboard

Bookmark an interesting report you would want to access later

Bookmark and create your own reading lists and playlists

Share publications or invite professional network for events

Select publications or events and share with your professional network

One-stop access regulatory alerts

Keep track of regulatory alerts and audios

Add events to your calendars

Track upcoming KPMG events, share with your contacts and add to calendars