This knowledge paper, ‘Building blueprints of tomorrow – emerging themes will provide various insights on the 6 key themes for helping cities build the infrastructure and built environment required for Smart City transformation in a sustainable way.

The focus is on bringing up the importance of these theme and the impact these themes can bring in terms of sustainable creation of infrastructure and development of Smart Cities.

The intent behind this knowledge paper is to draw attention on the ideas, aspirations and some probable solutions that can facilitate, as well as accelerate the adoption of newer trends for successful and sustainable infrastructure asset creation.

This document will take you through the current trends around smarter construction and will give you a perspective to ponder on the key six themes which are around the importance of resilience in project planning in successful project management; the need of smarter procurement and effective ways of enforcing contracts. Also, need for sustainable and inclusive framework to enhance liveability and quality of life of its citizens; facilitating economic development through integrated planning and reforms; exploring alternate and technology driven contracting strategies and their enforcement; smarter and faster construction practices which, fostering climate resilience, exploring innovative financing solutions for infrastructure development and leveraging the power of digital. We firmly believe that these approaches shall facilitate fast paced growth and development of our cities and urban centres

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