The event management industry has gained recognition as a sizable market sector and is a substantial contributor to national economies during the past few decades. Along with generating income, it also expands employment prospects in industries that provide associated hospitality services such as accommodation, food and beverage, convention services, transportation, tourism, and entertainment.

India has a diverse and dynamic market for events ranging from corporate conferences to weddings and cultural festivals. The industry has gained popularity in recent years, as businesses and individuals have started recognising the value of well-executed events. The event management industry in India has a significant impact on the country's economy and contributes significantly to employment generation, foreign exchange earnings, and overall economic growth.

Despite having a significant market presence and contribution in the country’s GDP, the Event Management industry in India still lacks structure and formalization. This TL provides an overview of framework required for the planning, organization, and management of events in India. The document outlines suggestive interventions for procedures, guidelines, and highlights the best practices followed by other countries to ensure successful execution of events, along with establishing the need for an event management policy in India.