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The Mobility and Logistics Services group helps clients through the entire life cycle of developing a transportation system and delivering mobility & logistics services for passengers and cargo end-users respectively. This includes collaborating with subject matter experts, technological adoption and project prioritisation leading to convenient, affordable and sustainable connectivity. Our specialists help facilitate design, delivery and maintenance of transport infrastructure and associated systems aligned to contemporary standards thus helping clients transform and cater to the movement of people and cargo.

Mobility forms the backbone of a country's growth. By allowing for an efficient and affordable movement of people and goods across the country it has a multiplier effect on the economy. India’s transport and logistics sector continues to play a key role to play in this regard. Its robustness was tested amidst unprecedented events when it facilitated essential and emergency passenger transport and supply of essential goods in the country.

It remains critical to continue with the required interventions on improved infrastructure, processes and facilitating policy measures. Investments in infrastructure facilities in surface transport domain, such as roads and road transport, ports and maritime, inland waterways, railways, and logistics stand as a significant consideration. An improved freight transport through enhanced logistics efficiency and cost, evolved passenger mobility options, a zero-tolerance approach towards lack of safety measures, increased digitisation and technology adoption and sustainability need to be critical focus areas.

In the post COVID-19 scenario, while the fundamental requirements remain the same, reprioritisation of planned initiatives to ease the enhanced pressure on public sector spending is a major ask. Additional elements of social distancing and health protection particularly from a passenger transport perspective and long-term resilience enhancement plans need to be watched carefully.

How can KPMG in India help?

KPMG in India has an impactful Mobility & Logistics team with a dynamic mix of specialists in strategy, development, delivery, asset management, investment and technology offerings consistently providing end to end value added services.

Our experts strive to tailor customised offerings for clients considering latest trends in markets/ technology and the sustainability aspect consistently delivering technology enabled services. Our ability to align closely with the client’s organisational culture, governance and management processes gives us an edge.

Transport and Logistics

Why select KPMG in India?

KPMG in India has worked extensively with various central, state and local government agencies and large private sector investors and stakeholders in the country in the transport and logistics sector in the areas of policy and regulation, vision documents, business plans, project appraisals/prioritisation, feasibility studies, project structuring and transactions, project and programme management, asset management etc.

Our Transport and Logistics team comprises a dedicated team of professionals with a deep understanding of the sector. As a member of a global network, we successfully blend an understanding of international best practices and insightful local market knowledge to provide customised service offerings to our clients throughout the asset lifecycle.

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