Sidhartha Gautam


KPMG in India

Sidhartha Gautam is a Partner with the Risk Advisory practice in India. He is an experienced forensic professional who has successfully supported clients during crises, especially in complex fraud and misconduct cases. Sidhartha has a wealth of experience and has consistently delivered strategic solutions to mitigate risks and navigate challenging scenarios.

Throughout his career, Sidhartha has spearheaded investigations and forensic engagements for clients across diverse industries. He is an expert in effectively managing high-stakes situations, uncovering fraudulent activities, and implementing robust measures to prevent recurrence.

Sidhartha is a trusted partner who has supported numerous clients during times of crisis, providing critical guidance and intelligence to safeguard their interests. His strategic insights and meticulous approach have played a vital role in helping organisations mitigate the impact of fraud, misconduct, and other risks.

Sidhartha's ability to assess complex situations, identify vulnerabilities, and develop tailored solutions has earned him a reputation for excellence in the field. His deep understanding of fraud risk assessment, comprehensive due diligence, and market intelligence has proven invaluable in safeguarding clients' assets, reputation, and overall business interests. He brings a unique perspective to his forensic work, combining a sharp analytical mindset with an unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth. He has successfully leveraged his expertise in fraud and misconduct investigations to assist clients in diverse sectors, including financial services, manufacturing, energy, real estate, and technology.

Apart from his professional accomplishments, Sidhartha is a recognised industry speaker, who contributes his insights on risk management, fraud prevention, and crisis mitigation at esteemed conferences and events. He has also authored thought leadership articles that shed light on the evolving landscape of forensic solutions and their impact on organisations.

  • Master in Understanding and Securing Human Rights, from the University of London (UK)

  • Bachelor in Mass Communication – New Delhi

  • Higher National Diploma – Edexcel UK (British High Commission)