Vivek Agarwal

Partner, IGH

KPMG in India

Vivek is a partner with the Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare (IGH) practice and is a seasoned public policy practitioner. With more than 16 years of experience in advising the central and state governments on national priority programmes, he has led some of the largest programmes for the Government of India. He spearheads the industrial development, MSME and trade vertical within IGH and has advised clients on matters of national and state policy, strategic implementation, private sector development, poverty reduction and others. He has extensive experience of working with donor agencies, including World Bank and ADB, in furthering the SDG goals.

Vivek has led several engagements with key Ministries and Government Departments. He has worked towards enhancing trade opportunities for MSMEs at the national and state levels. He has supported several public services clients on bilateral alliance and negotiations and has also contributed to several high-level governmental and private-sector committees on matters of industrial and MSME development, including the National Industrial Policy.