Operational Excellence / Performance & Productivity improvement

Operational Excellence

Are you thinking of making small improvements or reinventing entirely your business processes? You would like to create as well a continuous improvement mindset? 

You have landed on the right page. Process improvement is not only a well established service, it is also our passion. Check-out our multiple studies and references to convince yourself. We believe that every company and business problem is specific, even though similar situations exist in other organizations. This is why we use tailored approaches although using standard principles and tools from our Lean/ Reengineering “toolbox”. 

Generating value for the client is standard for all our operation excellence/ process improvement projects.

When can we assist you?

  • Your company wants to do the work faster, better, with improved customer satisfaction and with fewer costs
  • You feel the need for an external independent and objective professional to handle the “hot potatoes” related to how the work is done in your company
  • You want to make it right from the first time and seek experienced professional assistance to improve.
  • You want to better understand the How tos and Whens of applying Lean, Business Process Management (BPM), Process Reengineering
  • You have made improvements but need a bit of mentoring from an experienced professional to create an organizational culture that will keep the interest in process improvement alive among your colleagues
  • Your company wants to have a performance monitoring system that will allow early identification of process non-performance and focus effort towards critical business objectives
  • You want to develop internally a dedicated unit that will help internal clients to continuously improve their business processes
  • You want to check whether your internal process improvement initiatives and framework are well constructed and fully exploit current best practices
  • You want to reduce time to market for the process improvement/ operational excellence projects’ objectives to be achieved
  • You want to apply complexity management principles to identify the most appropriate approaches for your business problems
  • You want turn-key solutions for your business process issues


  • Business process management (BPM) design - from BPM architecture and strategy definition to implementation
  • Business process optimization for customer focus, cost reduction, productivity increase or quality enhancement (using methodologies like Lean Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering)
  • Review and documentation of processes with the aim of implementing IT systems and/or new ways of working
  • Management of business processes performance (e.g. define process performance governance, performance monitoring instruments/ dashboards, definition of KPIs)
    Preparation of procedures and work instructions
  • Mentoring & Coaching services for BPM implementation in a "Do it yourself" manner
    Processes analysis & optimization/ BPM/ Lean training courses; internal BPM Center of Excellence development
  • Operational excellence in production (Lean)

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