Dashboard reporting

Dashboard reporting

The answers to many of today’s most important business problems can be found within the mass of data generated by every day operations.

The answers to many of today’s business problems can be found within the data.

The volume of corporate data is growing immeasurably and any organisation that can better analyse, manipulate and make sense of this massive amount of data can use it to gain a genuine competitive advantage in their industry.

We help you design well balanced reports/dashboards and controlling/reporting processes for the top management so they can see whether the overall entity performance is in line with the overall business strategy broken down by various functions, customer dimensions, products or human processes.

We deliver the following benefits:

  • Single version of truth, definition and alignment of all stakeholders on “what means what”: clear connection between strategy, business goals and performance enables proactive reaction and basic predictions according to defined historical cycles allowing time saving for top management due to various levels of details of reporting (high level dashboards) with drill down capabilities;
  • Management dashboard definition and implementation: integrated and balanced view on company performance: established system for performance measurement showing sources of potential problems;- Data cleansing: corrections of errors closer to the “source”;
  • Definition and implementation of data governance and required organizational structures: clearer definition of roles and responsibilities, clearer documentation of policies and control procedures, identification of required data sets; and
  • Systems (data warehouse, data marts) selection and implementation assistance.

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