In the current business environment, companies face multiple challenges of various types, including, among others, macroeconomic, geopolitical, technology, regulatory, and supply chain issues. In this context, only a few companies are getting ahead of their market by setting trends, while most companies tend to adapt by reacting to the environment in which they operate.

Slow reaction or a step in the wrong direction can sometimes have significant effects on corporate performance and company value. This is when KPMG’s integrated team of specialists can provide guidance through difficult times to deliver real results for stakeholders and the company itself.

Ongoing procedures


BLUE AIR AVIATION SA – preventive concordat (closed)

MEDIAFAX GROUP SA – reorganization (closed)

MEDIAFAX SA – reorganization (closed)
ALERRIA MANAGEMENT COMPANY SA – reorganization (closed)


IRECSON SRL – reorganization (closed) – bankruptcy (ongoing)

BUC INVEST SRL – reorganization and bankruptcy (closed)

CONIMPEX COMPANY SRL – reorganization (closed) – bankruptcy (ongoing)

ANTREPRIZE REZIDENŢIALE SRL– reorganization and bankruptcy (closed)

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