Commercial credit management

Commercial credit management

Big Data brings new perspectives for commercial credit services and new solutions for companies.

Big Data brings new perspectives for commercial credit services.

As banks are scaling down their short term lending to many sectors, and companies are asking for additional commercial credit from their suppliers.

Companies are facing outsourcing and high pressure on price and payment delays and need to adapt their commercial credit process to face new challenges. As a result of the digitalization of the economy, Big Data brings new perspectives for commercial credit services and new solutions for companies.

In order to assist companies in their commercial credit risk management, KPMG has developed CreditPAD, a platform of solutions designed by selected third parties and KPMG, aiming to mitigate the risk of non-payment and optimize the internal processes (e.g. purchase, sales, collection).

The CreditPAD platform covers commercial credit applications (i.e. local and international reports, client/supplier monitoring platform, client portfolio diagnostic, debt collection etc.), IT solutions (connection of various sources of data and algorithms) and high added-value analyses, addressing the needs of any type of company, from any sector of activity.

The main solutions your company can benefit from through CreditPAD include:

  • Monitoring of a portfolio of clients to receive daily alerts about any significant changes regarding clients and to identify risk of non-payment; all internal and external data sources, structured and unstructured data are connected to collect in real time the latest information available and ensure continuous day-to-day monitoring.
  • Local and international credit risk reports: to assess a company, detect its creditworthiness and set the credit limit; assess the risk related to new clients and prospects.
  • Know-Your-Customer: group shareholders and participations of administrators in other companies.
  • Client/ supplier portfolio diagnostic: analysis of the potential risk of non-payment within the existing portfolio of clients, scoring and evaluation of opportunities.
  • Competition analysis and industry reports: picture of your company versus its peer group and its industry.
  • Auctioneers risk assessment: participants in auctions are ranked according to their peer group.
  • 360 Partners: designed to constantly monitor strategic partners that distribute your solutions and carry a reputational risk for your company.
  • Consultancy for improvement of commercial credit management processes.

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