The Public Procurement Center of Excellence is a technical platform created to provide public entities and the business environment with solutions and support in the area of public procurement. The platform brings together the experience of some of the best specialists in the fields of public procurement, law, finance and management consulting, who support the continuous development of the public procurement system through high quality technical assistance, as well as through the publication of research studies and analyses.

We are constantly involved in the field of public procurement, both through consulting services dedicated to the public and private sectors, as well as by organizing and/or participating in various training courses and conferences on topics dedicated to public procurement.

We are actively involved in developing the public procurement framework and, as such, we seek to constantly propose forward-looking solutions, by promoting sustainable and green public procurement, as well as the procurement of innovative products and services. At the same time, we aim to transform the public procurement process from a mechanical, time and resource consuming activity into a strategic and efficient one, designed to generate added value. We also encourage the implementation of EU best practices at national level.