Technology risks

Technology risks

Manage IT-related risks to help optimise operating performance.

Manage IT-related risks to help optimise operating performance.

1) IT regulatory compliance

The ever changing landscape of regulatory requirements puts tremendous pressure on organizations to demonstrate compliance with various legislative and professional requirements. Regulatory requirements such as:

  • SOx Compliance
  • SOC reporting (Service Organization Controls)
  • ISAE 3402

...and others are constantly on top of the Boards’ agendas.

In addition, if you operate in the financial services industry, then:

  • Internet/ Electronic/ Mobile Banking IT Audit
  • ASF IT Audit

...are only a few of the compliance regulations that you need to comply with.

2) Business continuity management services

Technology infusions, rapidly evolving processes, and new business ventures can introduce disruption risks that impact the well-being of an enterprise. In today’s highly competitive environment, organisations cannot afford prolonged downtime, slow reaction time, expensive system upgrades, or inflexible processes. Information availability is essential in the Information Age. Natural disasters, malicious intent, and catastrophic accidents can disrupt information availability and negatively impact key business processes. Moreover, competitive pressures and market demands, together with an increased dependence on technology for core business processes, are redefining the need for effective and risk-based continuity planning.

KPMG helps organisations prevent, withstand, detect and respond to incidents that threaten to compromise the safety of their staff or the continuity of their critical activities with a wide range of business continuity management services.

3) ISO27001

ISO 27001, a specification supported by ISO/IEC 27002:2013 (the code of best practice), details how an organization should evaluate, manage, control and treat risks associated with one of its most important assets - information:

  • It gives customers and trading partners improved trust and confidence in your ability to do business with them;
  • It provides a means of minimising risk from accidental or deliberate damage to information; and
  • It gives a recognized, tried and proven framework as the basis of sound information security control, enabling the organisation to plan, manage, monitor and improve its information security management system.

We can work with you to design and implement a management system to allow you to become fully compliant with ISO 27001:2013. This can range from scoping through to designing processes, practices, policies and standards. We can also support raising the profile of security within your organisation to ensure buy-in and support from senior stakeholders.

4) IT capability maturity model

IT capability maturity model helps you better understand your IT organization’s alignment and linkage with the business, its capabilities, performance and costs. 

We have developed our own IT capability maturity assessment model which, supported by our bespoke developed software, allows us to assess the maturity of your IT capabilities and map these against your peers by looking at the below 4 dimensions:

  • IT business alignment;
  • IT operational efficiency;
  • IT operational effectiveness; and
  • IT capital efficiency.

We identify areas where you should focus your attention and prioritize investments in order to make sure IT provides the capability to support your business ambitions. In addition to this, we can also provide you with a benchmark of your capabilities against your peers worldwide.

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