Culture & Organizational engagement

Culture & Organizational engagement

Managed to get the right people onboard? Further challenges lie ahead. Are they able to effectively work together? Are strategy definition and implementation connected to culture? Is leadership fostering constructive behaviors? Is the engagement level going up? Is the organization a cradle for continuous development? How does it feel for your people to be a part of the organization and get their job done?

Constant care for these matters is necessary for the long-term competitiveness of the organization. Furthermore, as new tools, rules and norms are being established, organizations must continue to shape the employees' experience to adapt to a dynamic world encompassing flexible, hybrid work models and increasing automation.

With our transformation expertise and deep connection to the local reality, we help organizations put in place effective people management systems and modelsthat lead to an excellent employee experience and enhance development and cooperation.

When can we assist you?

  • You are worried because people engagement is low
  • Your company has adopted new ways of working, yet the employee journeys are not adapted to the new reality
  • Your employee expectations are changing to that of a consumer while the experience they get with your company as an employer is not keeping pace, impacting staff engagement
  • You're struggling to understand how employee expectations are or are not being met
  • You're wanting to improve Customer Experience but struggling to move the dial
  • You're finding it harder to recruit and retain top talent - compensation is no longer enough
  • You're wanting to align internal functions around a shared purposeThere is a lack of accountability among the employees, decision-making processes are long and difficult, internal conflicts are common
  • Your company is moving to the next maturity stage for which people empowerment as well as agility are success factors
  • Business is good, but much more can be achieved with the right motivation & reward mechanisms
  • The people performance management is not yet well structured or is outdated
  • You would like to introduce a variable part in the compensation&benefits system
  • The business is expanding to new markets, domestic or abroad and you need to ensure the company’s identity is kept while being aware of and integrating the specifics
  • Your people are great in their technical/ functional area; however when faced with a first time manager role, they need an appropriate development plan for leadership skills
  • Leading people have extensive experience in managerial roles, but they need to understand the impact of the leadership practices on their teams as well as what behaviors need to be changed so they can become more effective managers
  • Your organisation is transforming, and your people practices and HR processes need to be aligned to the new organization


  • Climate and culture diagnosis together with the corresponding transformation plan
  • Customized “Voice of Employees” surveys and action plans
  • Design or refresh Employee Value Propositions
  • Employee Journey re-design
  • Employee Experience shaping
  • Performance management models (key principles, objectives&feedback, KPIs & dashboards, monitoring & adjustment process, Performance management technology solution - KPMG QuercusApp Performance, compensation&benefits model)
  • Managerial skills assessment & development programs
  • First time manager development programs, customized for the target group

Other services:

  • HR strategy development and HR optimization
  • Competency framework design
  • Job grading and compensation policy design
  • Recruitment services

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