Business model transformation

Business model transformation

The business environment is extremely complex today. It is fast paced and volatile.

Continuous transformation, flexibility and even restructuring can be needed to deliver long-term sustainable results, to keep up with the challenges that companies currently face, as well as with rapidly evolving competition.

Through strategic planning, we help business leaders decide what is the best way to move forward and always be one step ahead.  

When can we assist you?

  • You need to improve your results, and business as usual is no longer delivering what you expect
  • You need to hire or reallocate people efficiently in the context of globalization and transformation
  • You want to rethink the organizatioal structure or the management chain of command
  • You want to get more value from the resources you are using in your busines
  • Market conditions push for better capacity planning or resource management
  • You want to develop a watertight business model for sustainable growth and development (including financing requirements)


Business models

  • Organizational structures & governance review or design
  • Transformation programs
  • Business model redefinition (lines of business, products, distribution channels)
  • Business planning

Operations and service delivery

  • Delivery model optimization
  • Resource management and capacity planning
  • Target Operating Model by function (Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Operations, Finance, Legal, HR, IT etc)

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