Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Long term, sustainable results are only possible if companies tackle cost drivers early on.

Costs are just as important as revenue for a healthy company. By identifying and measuring the savings potential, companies can use the extra resources for revenue generation. However, the quality of the products or services must be protected in the process.

In addition to boosting the bottom line, savings also demonstrate how agile a company is when navigating economic downturns.

When can we assist you?

  • Sales margins show improvement potential and you want to act on this
  • More cash is needed for your business to thrive
  • You want to enhance your net cash-flow
  • The supply chain could be improved from a cash perspective
  • The working capital requirement could be optimized for maximum performance
  • Cost reduction must be put in place, but where and how?


Bottom-line improvement

  • Cost reduction program definition
  • Improving financial bottom-line
  • Value based management and factor analyses
  • Cash acceleration programs
  • Net Working Capital optimization
  • Stock management

Functional optimization – with impact on financials

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Operational loss reduction (Lean methodology, automation tools e.g. RPA, BPM, iBPM, document management)
  • Material replenishment planning

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