The way companies understand, interact and deliver tailored experiences to their customers is emerging as the key competitive differentiator in a digitalized world. Becoming a customer centric organization requires brand new skillsets and deep strategic interventions focused on building trust, showing empathy, providing personalized offerings and innovating for your clients.

Using experience analysis, design methodologies and relevant journey mapping we put the customer front and centre throughout a collaborative process designed to create your compelling vision, integrate commercial considerations and transform your operations.

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How can KPMG professionals help?

Our KPMG Strategy and Experience team is more than “just” business consultants. We’re the kind of people who are curious by nature, relentless solution seekers, constantly in search of that extra differentiator. We bring into play innovation experts, psychologists, strategy professionals as well as experience and business designers, all focused on finding the best approach to the challenges of our customers using human centric design/experience centricity by design.

The Strategy & Experience Design practice in KPMG brings together experts with a backgrounds in areas such as Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Psychology, Organizational Design and extensive experience across industries. We employ methodologies such as Design Thinking, Prosci Change Management, Lean Start-Up and Prince 2 to support organizations on their path to solving business challenges and develop initiatives with a positive impact on their customer, employees and business partners.

Business Model Innovation

Customer needs and expectations evolve, and so should your company. The business model should evolve along with the market reality. Otherwise it can become obsolete. Some of the things we look at in order to understand the reality of your industry so that we can reshape/redesign your business model, can include:

  • Market and industry trends
  • Evolving customer behavior
  • Competition mapping and business model analysis
  • Innovation sessions
  • Business model design and implementation

Experience Design

Experience is at the heart of all products and services, and it can either make or break the relationship with your customers and impact the organization’s image. We work together with actors across industries to identify the needs and expectations of their target segments and use these insights to build a differentiated, personalized, and compelling experience.

We use Design Thinking to deploy projects in areas such as:

  • Customer experience
  • Employee experience
  • Patient experience
  • Student experience
  • Citizen experience

Customer Centric Organization Design

In order to excel, all stakeholders must rally behind one common objective: their customer. We help organizations identify their key priorities and redesign their internal processes to meet them and to build a human-centric organization – one where employees, customers and stakeholders enter a win-win partnership. We can help you with:

  • Customer Experience Maturity Diagnostics
  • Target Operating Model Analysis & Design
  • Change management strategy & implementation
  • Voice of the Customer programme set-up
  • Voice of the Employee programme set-up

Market Research

Any project should start with a research component. Looking at the market and understanding its dynamic, (re)-discovering your customers and their everyday lives, identifying best case practices from your competitors, but also anticipating the next big thing – all these elements are paramount for any business. We can support you with:

  • Market sizing
  • Industry benchmark & competitor analysis
  • Customer research

Custom training courses

We support organizations develop their internal knowledge and skills with tools that can help them understand the “new customer” and “new employee”. Our trainings are customized to the needs and based on real use cases that the organization is facing, thus helping teams resolve their business challenge while gaining hands-on experience.

For a comprehensive view of our trainings, please visit KPMG Business Design Hub.