Economic analysis including obligatory benchmarking analysis and the analysis of the restructuring processess

Economic analyses

Preparation of the economic analysis (benchmarking study) and analysis of the restructuring processess.

Preparation of the economic analysis.

The economic analyses developed by KPMG allow taxpayers to set transfer prices on terms that would be agreed between unrelated entities.

The KPMG Transfer Pricing Team offers support in the process of preparation of economic analyses, including benchmarking studies, aimed at comparing the market level of prices and margins with the prices and margins applied by related parties and preparation of an analysis of the process of restructuring activities related to, among others, transfer of functions, assets and risks between related parties justifying the amount of compensation received or paid or lack thereof.

The analysis prepared by KPMG specialists enables to limit the risk of tax authorities questioning the transfer prices established in a transaction between related parties and to limit the risk of additional taxable income being estimated by tax authorities. It is important as economic analyses from 2019 are obligatory element of tax documentation.

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