Valuations for tax purposes

Valuations for tax purposes

Valuations for the purposes of determination of corporate and personal income taxes and stamp duty.

Valuations for purposes of estimation of CIT, PIT and stamp duty.

Along with the increasing scrutiny of tax authorities towards various business transactions (especially those conducted between related parties), independent valuations of shares and assets are of utmost importance. Such valuations, in particular, may be related to the corporate or personal income tax or the stamp duty. In recent years, in the case of international transactions, there has also been a rising demand for the measurement of exit fee as well as the preparation of a defence file.

KPMG has extensive experience in the preparation of valuations and pricing analyses with consideration of domestic and international tax aspects. Management feels much more comfortable with reliable and well-documented valuation documentation. Our valuations supplement tax documentation and provide support for the management in the event of possible dispute with tax authorities.

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