Valuations for financial reporting purposes

Valuations for financial reporting purposes

Purchase price allocation (IFRS 3), impairment testing (IAS 36) and fair value measurement (IFRS 13).

Purchase price allocation (IFRS 3) and impairment testing (IAS 36)

Amendments in the accounting principles implemented in the last decade resulted in the emergence of valuations for the purposes of financial reporting, including fair value measurement (IFRS 13), purchase price allocation (IFRS 3) and impairment testing (IAS 36).

Pursuant to IFRS 3, the entity acquiring control over a company must disclose all acquired assets and liabilities, including contingent liabilities, at their fair value, in the process called purchase price allocation. The acquirer must disclose not only the assets already recognised in the balance sheet of the acquired company, but also any identifiable intangible assets acquired in the course of the transaction, such as trademarks, customer and supplier relationships, know-how, technology or research and development projects, which must be measured at fair value for the first time.

The KPMG team provides comprehensive assistance to its clients in the determination of fair value of enterprises, cash-generating units, separate assets and liabilities, as well as in the estimation of the goodwill. Before the closing of the transaction, it is also helpful to obtain a clearer picture of the acquired intangible assets and to assess how these values may affect the financial performance of the company, particularly with regards to the level of depreciation and net profit.

IAS 36 requires annual impairment tests of certain assets and, if necessary, recognition of write-offs of goodwill, tangible fixed assets or intangible assets. KPMG experts can perform valuations required for annual reviews and impairment tests of assets as well as estimate the impact of any impairment losses on the financial statements.

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