Valuations and expert opinions for the purposes of dispute resolution

Valuations for the purposes of dispute resolution

We prepare reliable private opinions on value, damage quantification or lost profits for the purposes of litigation and arbitration.

Opinions on value, damage quantification, lost profits.

The business environment is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Business partners often decide to terminate their cooperation and conduct mutual settlement. Yet, partners often have a different view on the business value, which causes disputes that find its way to the court. Estimation of business value or the quantum of damages is often a key element in the process of conducting an effective and fair dispute resolution. A reliable expert opinion enables effective and quick litigation.

We have experience in providing expert witness, independent expert and dispute advisory services – in cases where valuation of shares, business or assets, or damage quantification is at the heart of the dispute. We also assist our clients in reviewing and responding to expert opinions provided by the conflicting party or by the independent expert.

We have highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the preparation of expert opinions for court proceedings, disputes and arbitration. We believe that the expert should not only follow certain professional standards, but also act upon ethical principles and comply with certain legal requirements, which altogether guarantees an impartial and reliable approach.

We have experience in cooperation with top law firms, courts and arbitration tribunals.

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