Valuations for transaction purposes

Valuations for transaction purposes

Valuations for the purpose of acquisition or disposal, including the pricing analysis of the target company.

Valuations performed for the purposes of acquisition or disposal of companies.

The key element of every business acquisition or disposal is an impartial and fair opinion on its value. Business valuation in the context of a transaction is not only informative for the client, but also constitutes an important source of arguments in the price negotiation process. Regardless of whether such information is needed by the buying or selling party, valuation assistance is an integral part of any successful transaction.

The process of valuation for transaction purposes includes multiple components which together should reflect the fair value of the target company. As part of the professional valuation service, the KPMG team carefully analyses not only the financial aspects that affect the company's value, but also other factors contributing to reaching a certain price.

The buyer often assumes achievement of significant synergies as a result of the transaction, therefore our analyses may take into account the expected post-acquisition effects resulting from the transaction and implementation of certain improvements. Yet, research on M&A transactions discloses that only one third of them is successful (meaning they create value for the buyers), therefore, it is so important to reliably and credibly estimate synergy effects. Errors in the area of synergy estimation are said to be the most common reasons for failed transactions.

KPMG experts offer professionalism and objectivity in the process of business valuation in the context of a transaction, supported by international accreditations, many years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who have trusted us.

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