Risk-Based Strategies

Risk-Based Strategies

KPMG Risk-Based Strategies specialists perform a series of risk and opportunity diagnostics transform readily-available marketplace innovations.

Transforming risks into value

KPMG Risk-Based Strategies specialists perform a series of risk and opportunity diagnosticsto reveal to c-suite executives how they could adopt and transform readily-availablemarketplace innovations to improve their levers of profit.

The service has four core interventions:

  • Firstly, we research and assess innovations in the marketplace that are potentiallydisruptive to the business, and which innovations could be adopted and adapted to fix aperformance vulnerability.
  • Secondly, we use diagnostic tools to assess performance vulnerabilities in the context ofdisruptive change. These might relate to customer experiences, profit levers, or processefficiencies. This intervention enables the matching of marketplace innovations andopportunities to the identified performance vulnerability.
  • Thirdly, and crucially, we diagnose the business’ appetite for risk and the leadership team’srisk-taking propensity. The diagnosis measures the company’s risk capacity and whetherthe organisation is taking too little risk in the context of available innovation and externalchange. This diagnosis guides the leadership team to make appropriate adjustments to its risk-taking propensity and investment decisions.
  • Fourthly, we work with the leadership team to convert these insights into actionableinitiatives for business improvement. A crucial part of our approach to this is de-riskingthe downside of new initiatives in order to overcome the executive team’s naturalaversion to loss.

The Risk-Based Strategies diagnostic interventions can be performed as a precursor tostrategy formulation and business planning processes, or equally, it would be a good ideato perform them as a stand-alone exercise in the context of disruptive change and risk.

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