Your business reality is rapidly changing. And you may be under pressure to deliver value, quickly and confidently. KPMG Elevate can help.

KPMG Elevate helps you to unlock value – quickly. From strategy through to execution, we can help you quickly and confidently achieve measurable improvements to your revenue, operating margins, cost structures and working capital positions. It is value, quantified and delivered.


Uncover and quantify value creation opportunities


Leverage experienced professionals to capture the value

From strategy To execution


Closely monitor value creation and execution success


Identify the best opportunities and plan the roadmap

Your journey to quantifiable value

Perhaps you are going through a transformation, conducting a transaction, or trying to achieve a turnaround in performance. No matter where you are in your organization’s journey, KPMG can help you find, deliver and measure quantifiable value. 

The building blocks of value

KPMG Elevate brings together the data, insights, and execution capabilities that enables you to prioritize and deliver value quickly and confidently. We use numerous pools of proprietary data and insights to help us to identify the best opportunities. And then we tap into our deep sector experience and execution capabilities to deliver on those opportunities. 

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300+ analytics modules, 1 big picture

A library of more than 300 value-based analytical modules helps bring together the right data points to offer you reliable insights about your business.

Are you getting the data that really matters?

Compare apples to apples

Our data sources allow KPMG experienced professionals to assess your organization against actual peers in your market and your sector, leading to reliable, relevant and smart insights about your unique situation.

Do you really know how your competitors are performing?

Maximize deal value

Uncover previously hidden value to maximize your bid, valuation or asset price. We see the deal process as the catalyst for broader value realization – both leading up to the transaction and long after.

Are your deals delivering the value you expected?

Prioritize the transformation journey

Business transformations are essential to long-term growth in today’s highly fluid environment. But faced with a host of good options, how do you choose where to place your bets?

Are you prioritizing the best value opportunities?

Turn crisis into opportunity

Turnarounds can be a challenge. But also an opportunity to create a leaner, more flexible and far more competitive company. And our approach can help you move from crisis to value realization.

Are you ready to turn your performance around?

Generic industry benchmarks may not reflect the true nature of your company, your markets or your point in the business cycle. You need real insights about your unique situation.

With more than 300 value-based analytical modules, KPMG Elevate is designed to bring together the right data points, industry experience and analytical capabilities to offer you reliable insights about your business. 

What is value creation?

Value creation refers to performance improvements that do not come from business-as-usual activities. They can come from growth, operating margin, cost or a range of other improvements such as to working capital and capex.


Elevate in action | Five key steps to securing value

KPMG's goal is to help you through your transformation or crisis so you can focus on delivering on your business objectives.

Ultimately, KPMG professionals believe there are five key steps to securing value. We deep dive into each step and provide a case study to help further illustrate how value is created.  Find out how KPMG firms use our global expertise, a multidisciplinary approach and wide-ranging experience to support your organization. 

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