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How can government and public services connect Citizen Experience Excellence to lower costs and improve citizen satisfaction?

Government and public service organisations have an enormous challenge; simultaneously delivering large scale effective, efficient services for all alongside individualised experiences for each.

Based on 14 years of leading the world’s largest customer experience benchmark, the 3rd annual KPMG UK Citizen Experience Excellence Report offers government and public services unique insights to meet citizen expectations.

In 2024, as citizen acceptance of digital channels reaches a tipping point, there’s unprecedented opportunity to leverage technology for cost reduction and enhanced citizen satisfaction.

Despite significant efforts and investments in technology in that there has been little improvement in public services productivity since 2021.

By examining the gap between citizen expectations and experiences, we provide a crucial view for public services leaders on how to deliver real human value, at low cost, building trust in the process.

Whilst human interaction will always remain critical in public services, citizens are also crying out for substantially improved simple, seamless digital experiences
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Download the 2024 Citizen Experience Excellence Report

We’ve surveyed citizens from 12 UK regions and had over 55,000 survey responses with over 8,500 detailed verbatim comments. This is our 3rd year of collating the Citizen Experience Excellence report underpinned by the Six Pillars of Customer Experience – grounded in 14 years of research, 40 global markets and 4,000 brands evaluated globally.

In this report you will learn about:

  • Cost vs value: where are the biggest opportunities to innovate and improve?
  • Best practice: how are organisations already embracing the digital citizen successfully?
  • Proven pathways: how can we achieve accelerated progress that delivers for citizens?
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The Six Pillars

For the last 14 years, we’ve looked at how the world’s best organisations connect customer experience excellence to lower costs and faster growth. The Six Pillars of experience excellence have been repeatedly established as the universal set of emotional qualities. They define every outstanding customer experience which can create loyalty and drive growth. More relevant than ever, these pillars are providing businesses with an essential way to navigate the coming change.

Organisations that understand and deliver against The Six Pillars have always showcased enhanced outcomes, quick growth and greater shareholder value. Flip the cards below to find out more.


Being trustworthy and engendering trust


Public sector organisations must continue to invest in building the foundations of integrity, starting with cyber and technology transformation. Getting this right provides a platform for integrity to develop, as without it, investment can be undone in one incident.


Turning a poor experience into a great one


Digital channels are the answer, but this is only part of the solution. It is the data and analytics that sits behind the digital channels that is the enabler for providing citizens with the information they need to self-serve and find resolution without any need to contact the public service organisation.


Managing, meeting, and exceeding citizen expectations


Public sector organisations need to engage with citizens, prioritise their needs, and take decisive action accordingly to ensure money and resources are not wasted on initiatives that aren’t valued by citizens and ultimately do not enhance their experience.

Time and Effort

Minimising citizen effort and creation frictionless processes

Time and Effort

Organisations need to adopt a citizen-focused approach to redesign their citizen service processes, ensuring citizens can easily access the assistance they need from the start. They need to join up the citizen front door with service delivery teams to deliver a seamless experience.


Using individualised attention to drive an emotional connection


Organisation-wide level change is required to achieve a personalised digital experience – using the citizen as the focal point. The type of transformation must incorporate strategic, functional and technological parts of the organisation. Only when the entire organisation works together will public sector organisations be able to truly deliver personalisation at scale.


Achieving an understanding of the customer’s circumstances to drive deep rapport


Public sector organisations must recognise these emotional touchpoints and ensure they are managed by emotionally intelligent employees, who are empowered to go the extra mile to relate and prioritise citizens.

Citizen-centric best practice case studies

Transforming public transport with the Bus Open Data Service (BODS)

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The KPMG UK team worked with us to center our efforts on passenger outcomes, rather than simply implementing a technology. BODS has made the national bus network more reliable, more transparent and more accessible.

John Wilkin
Deputy Director, Travel and Environment Data and Statistics Division, Department for Transport

Connecting councils and citizens

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We had an ambitious strategy that would require us to undertake the largest public sector technology transformation to date in the UK. KPMG came to the table with a set of accelerators and tools that could help us move quickly, confidently and with our eyes clearly focused on our residents and businesses.

Graham Farrant
CEO, BCP Council

Driven insight to transform care sector

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We knew we needed a complete transformation in our technology to help create a great digital experience for both the wider public and providers. An important benefit is that we have a much more up to date view of the quality of care on our website. This will help people, their families choose care and give them reassurance about the quality of that care.

Mark Sutton
CEO, Care Quality Commission

Customer Experience Excellence
Report 2023-24

To learn more about our recent research and findings in the private sector, please view our latest Customer Experience Excellence Report – Say Hello to your AI Colleague.

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If this is the demand, what does supply look like?

The uncertain reality of digital transformation within the UK public sector

We commissioned independent research with Forrester to understand the current state of digital maturity within UK public sector organisations and understand how the supply can meet the change in citizen demand.

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