Tax Consulting on IPO Restructuring and M&A

After going through arduous entrepreneurship and initial business operations, the enterprises pursue for further expansion on economy and market scale. In addition to relying on the continuous growth on business, entering into capital market through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or conducting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is also an important strategy for enterprises to grow rapidly. Enterprises require not only to manage business operations, financial soundness and legal compliance, but also to make appropriate restructuring and adjustments to the group’s overall investment and shareholding structures in order to adapt to the change on organization and business flexibility after IPO or M&A in the future. How to  manage the tax risks arising from the restructuring process is of the utmost importance.

KPMG Taiwan, with professionals from different areas of expertise and extensive experience, aims to provide rapid, effective, professional and customized tax consulting services to the clients who intend to launch IPO or M&A.

We provide the following services

  • Tax consulting on optimal adjustment to group investment structure for IPO and M&A
  • Tax consulting on flexible adjustment to group shareholding structure for IPO and M&A
  • Tax consulting on effective adjustment to group operation model for IPO and M&A
  • Tax due diligence and advisory for M&A
  • Tax planning and advisory for M&A strategies
  • Other tax advisory services related to IPO and M&A

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