Professionalism with a Heart, Giving Back with Love

At KPMG Taiwan, we uphold the spirit of "Professionalism with a Heart, Giving Back with Love”, and implement the core value of corporate social responsibility, incorporating the concept of ESG and aligning with the goals of SDGs. Since 2006, we have designated December as Charity Month, in cooperate with our clients to donate used laptops and educational supplies to remote areas in Taiwan. In the same year, we   established scholarships to support outstanding students in need. In 2007, KPMG Volunteer Team was established to provide long-term care for vulnerable elderly, children, people with disabilities, and environmental protection initiatives.

To spread love and kindness from our colleagues, we launched "KPMG Corporate Volunteer Day" in 2008. On this day, all KPMG Taiwan colleagues participate in a day of volunteering, actively engaging in public service. In addition, we have created a platform for charitable information within our organization and co-organized the "Love Market" event with Taipei 101, opening up new channels for social welfare organizations to promote their products. Also, we have also partnered with the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office to provide financial management and efficiency guidance to 44 sheltered workshops and 4 social enterprises in Taipei. Moreover, in the wake of disasters around the world, we are always ready to lend a helping hand and offer tangible assistance.

In the future, KPMG Taiwan will continue to uphold our core values and strive to make a positive impact on society.





KPMG Charity Actions

Corporate Volunteer Day
Corporate Volunteer Day

Spreading Love and Hope with Enthusiasm

    The power of one person is very limited, but if we can combine the power of everyone, it will create infinite possibilities. Therefore, we have initiated "KPMG Corporate Volunteer Day" since 2008. Every year on the third Friday of November, more than 2,000 KPMG Taiwan employees set aside their work to volunteer for a day, engaging in activities at social welfare organizations throughout the country and participating in beach cleanups. Over the past 15 years, we have accumulated more than 140,000 community service hours, benefiting over 22,000 individuals in need. We gain precious experience from the Corporate Volunteer Day and grasp the true meaning of "It is more blessed to give than to receive."
KPMG Charity Month
KPMG Charity Month

Fulfilling More Dreams with Technology

    Since 2006, KPMG has designated December as our "Charity Month". We leverage our internal resources and collaborate with clients to donate laptops to remote areas, creating more equitable learning opportunities for those in need. So far, we have donated a total of 3,504 used laptops and 1,000 tablets in collaboration with 55 clients, benefiting 305 Digital Opportunity Centers and disadvantaged organizations. In addition, we initiated a campaign of buying Christmas gifts for elementary school students in rural area and encouraged our colleagues to engage in the donation. From 2008 till now, we have fulfilled 8,285 children’s dream in 113 elementary schools by giving away sneakers, jackets, and learning materials.
KPMG Volunteer Team

Spreading Love and Delivering Positive Impact

    To provide long-term care and support for vulnerable individuals, we founded “KPMG Volunteer Team” in 2007. Every month, our volunteer team visits social welfare organizations in the northern and southern regions of Taiwan. Currently, over 1,000 volunteers have completed 200 outings, serving more than 5,000 elderly, children, and individuals with disabilities. KPMG Volunteer Team also organized domestic and international volunteer camps in the rural area of Hualien, Taitung, Pingtung. We have even extended our reach to Ban Hin Taek in Northern Thailand and Qinghai in China, spreading love to every corner of the world!
Charity Buy-In

Achieving More Happiness with Support

    Recognizing the challenges faced by social welfare organizations in selling their products, KPMG Taiwan have co-organized charity sale event “Love Fair” with Taipei 101 since 2013. Invited the social welfare organizations, sheltered workshops, and social enterprises to sell their products on the first floor of Taipei 101, and encourage all the tenants in the building, and nearby enterprises to participate. Furthermore, we established the “KPMG Public Welfare Information Platform” for colleagues to purchase public welfare organizations' products, opening up a new channel for them to promote their products.
Financial Consulting

Bringing More Hopes through Actions

    Since 2014, KPMG Taiwan has been invited by Taipei City Foreign and Disable Labor Offices for 6 consecutive years to provide financial consulting and efficiency improvement to 44 sheltered workshops and 4 social enterprises in Taipei City. We aim to enhance their financial health and transparency, as well as their service quality through our professionalism.
KPMG Scholarship
KPMG Scholarship

Encouraging and Empowering More Students

    Education is the best way to realize one's dreams. To assist financially disadvantaged and underprivileged students and to support more young students' dreams, we started KPMG Scholarship since 2006, which has benefited a total of 710 students so far. We believe in making a real impact by providing tangible assistance, and we hope these students can concentrate on their studies without any worries, and give back to society in the future.
Donations for Emergencies and Disasters
Donations for Emergencies and Disasters

Providing Immediate Support and Warmth with Compassion

    Whenever there's a major disaster, whether at home or abroad, we're the first to reach out to rescue units and launch fundraising campaigns. In 2016, Typhoon Nepartak wreaked havoc to the eastern part of Taiwan, our colleagues collaboratively donated $2,190,000 to Taitung Disability Organization, MacKay Memorial Hospital, and Taitung Country Government. In February 2018, an earthquake struck Hualien, our colleagues collaboratively donated $1,800,000 to Hualien County Government to support the post-earthquake reconstruction. In March 2022, as the Ukraine-Russia conflict broke out, , our colleagues donated to the UNICEF through the KPMG Global initiative, to help the children who suffered in the war. In May 2023, a massive earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, our colleagues collaboratively donated $908,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to provide urgent support to the medical resources in the region.



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