Climate Change and Sustainability

Climate Change and Sustainability

KPMG assists clients to keep them competitive and well-prepared in the era of post-2020’s low-carbon economy with better sustainable management.

KPMG assists clients to keep them competitive and well-prepared...

As the effects of urbanization, climate change, resource and energy scarcity, population explosion, ecological degradation, and wealth accumulation have become increasingly evident, “sustainability” has become the common challenge and opportunity for enterprises worldwide. More and more leading companies around the world have therefore integrated sustainable development into their operational strategies at the executive level to better align with core competencies, manage diverse array of risks, encourage environmental and social innovation, and strengthen sustainability governance. Additionally, corporations emphasize more than ever the importance of sustainability information disclosure, as well as engagement with their stakeholders, in order to enhance corporate value and performance. 

KPMG’s Climate Change & Sustainability (CC&S) practice is composed of more than 500 experienced professionals around the world, providing advisory services in more than 60 countries. KPMG Taiwan’s CC&S practice is not only the first, but also the most diverse, sustainability advisory team established among accounting firms in Taiwan. With knowledge and experiences in accounting, human resources, chemical engineering, public policy, supply chain management, public relations, mass communication, marketing, business administration, environmental engineering and management, our multidisciplinary team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive advisory services to clients from various industries. Our clients include businesses in the technology, telecommunications, financial services, insurance, real estate, textile, manufacturing, retail, petrochemical, food processing, and food and beverages industries.

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