Financial Crime & AML/CFT

Financial Crime & AML/CFT

KPMG AML professional team can provide AML/CFT risk assessment and risk prevention.

KPMG AML professional team can provide AML/CFT risk assessment and risk prevention.

The Major Trends of Global Risk Management

As the worldwide financial services invest heavily in finance technology, the risk of financial crime has been quietly attacking financial service.

In the issue of financial technology application, Blockchain, Bitcoin, P2P(PEER TO PEER, Internet, mobile device and new version of trading models not only have huge impact on financial industry and financial services’ operating mindset and model.

In mechanism of corruption detection, we mainly use Key Risk Indicator along with Forensic Data Analytics, these techniques analyze historical transaction and have effective detection function on transaction monitoring.

Via looking into operation process, analyze, filter, configure and find detective control point via information system’s monitor rules; then use data analysis tool and connect to financial service core transaction system, and execute transaction analysis. After potential suspicious improper transactions are found, analyze whether these transactions are corruptive activities or internal control deficiencies.

In the issue of corruption risk, cyber crime and financial crime, we should use data analysis in forensic technology to identify, configure and ongoing monitor, and also need to contemplate the related law compliance and risk management.

Moreover, our country accept Asia / Pacific Group third round mutual evaluation in 2018, APG will money laundry related review process. Taiwan recently releases AML/CFT plan proposal which demands all financial services in Taiwan review their clients’ level of money laundry risk.

Advisory Services of Financial Crime & Fraud Risk

ManagementThe involved area of financial crime includes corruption, improper conduct, cybercrime, financial product and service’s operation process.The new version of transaction model not only affect financial services operation mindset, the risk management environment might have prompt impact in those financial services which are highly overseen by authorities.KPMG suggests financial services start from detection, government authorities promote the proper corporate governance culture, and every company should also execute risk controls actions. 

Advisory Services of AML/CFT

Anti money laundry and fund transfer transparency management has already been a huge topic for many countries’ financial services. However, the freedom of international finance, financial commodity and cyber technology has become greater, the way of money laundry has become more sophisticated. 

KPMG has international Anti Money Laundry professional team which can provide the clients AML consulting services, includes anti money laundry and counter financial terrorist (AML/CFT) risk assessment and risk prevention; AML/CFT client due diligence technique, AML/CFT transaction investigation and reporting.

Seminar & Events

Nowadays, lots of countries see anti tax avoidance and anti money laundry as important issue. However, the trading finance service that the financial services nowadays provide are proved to be high risk, and financial service’s transactions become more complex, so country’s government authorities pay huge attention on this issue and keep releasing new related law compliance.

In order to assist financial industry to interpret this international law compliance’s trends and warning sign, KPMG ‘s AML blacklist system developer “Accuity” will organize a anti money laundry law conference. In this conference, especially invites Singapore and Taiwan AML industry expert to provide some related trends and information. 

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