Internet and E-Commerce Service

Internet and E-Commerce Service

E-commerce is the most fast-evolving industry among global economic activities, and the industry in Taiwan has been blooming since 2015.

E-commerce is the most fast-evolving industry among global economic activities.

With the intention of supporting E-commerce businesses to find their firm position in the ever-changing industry ecosystem, KPMG professionals grouped up the Internet and E-commerce Service Team, offering audit, tax, advisory, and legal services. Integrating KPMG global resources and ample industry experience, we provide customized professional advices to assist e-commerce businesses with effective risk evaluation, strategy planning, actual operation problem solving, and further overseas business expanding.

Audit & Assurance Service   Tax & Investment Service  Advisory Service  Legal Service
  1. Financial Statement Audit
  2. IPO and Market Listing Services
  3. Other Assurance and Attestation
  1. Investment Structure Consulting
  2. Business model adjustment consulting
  3. Equity Structuring Consulting
  4. Registration Services
  5. Tax consulting
  6. Other Services
  1. Customer Growth and Technological
  2. Innovation Services
  3. Cyber security management system and technical services
  4. Emergency Cyber Security Response and Digital Forensic Services
  5. Deal Advisory (Buying, Selling, Financing, Restructuring, etc)
  6. FinTech & Data Analytics Services
  7. Sustainability Consulting
  8. Corporate governance and internal control services
  1. FinTech consulting
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Cross-Boarder M&A Transaction
  4. Capital Market Services
  5. Tax Services to Individuals
  6. Other legal services

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