Built to Last: Family business succession

KPMG Family Office is family-oriented, assisting family members in thinking about the major issues related to family and business succession. We also assist families in building an exclusive governance platform, and with our wealthy practical experience and independent perspectives, to interact and communicate with family members in the best interest of the family as a whole, helping to build family consensus and develop a succession strategy that will achieve family prosperity, and long-term business development.




Wealth & Risk
Wealth & Risk

What we can offer

  • Family financing plans and policies
  • Arrangement of the ownership structure of family assets (including the planning of domestic and foreign investments)
  • Family assets liquidity management
  • Planning and establishment of family asset management policies
  • Profit sharing policy of family assets
  • International portfolio tax governance
  • Establishment of family venture capital or private equity funds
Growth & Succession

What we can offer

  • Successor cultivation and succession blueprint
  • Corporate growth and transformation strategies
  • IPO planning and relevant services
  • M&A and Restructuring

What we can offer

  • Planning and formulation of family constitutions
  • Family governance mechanism
  • Planning for the operation of the family council
  • Family business ownership succession mechanism (such as plans related to holding companies, foundations, and trust services)
  • Communication mechanism between family members and the family business
  • Share ownership policy for the family business
  • Selection and evaluation mechanism for family members to work in the family business
  • Family decision-making and communication mechanisms

What we can offer

  • Consultation on the establishment of domestic and foreign trusts and foundations
  • Operation of family social enterprises
Tax & Laws

What we can offer

  • Family tax governance
  • Overall tax arrangements for family businesses
  • Trust planning and arrangements
  • Insurance policy for family members
  • Testamentary arrangement
  • Family agreement documents (such as Shareholders’ agreement)
  • International taxation of family members

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The Family Office Service Team covers governance, business development, succession, wealth management, and philanthropy, providing services related to finance, accounting, taxation, law, and consulting to meet the needs of clients of the family business.


Family business succession services and procedures

Succession awareness

  • The establishment of succession concepts
  • Review of succession aspects and capabilities
  • Initiation and communication of succession issues

The formulation of succession strategies

  • The link and transmission mechanism between family values and corporate values
  • The link between family governance and corporate governance mechanisms
  • Succession planning and successor cultivation
  • Ownership arrangements
  • Wealth preservation and family welfare

Implementation of the succession strategy

  • Establish an effective communication mechanism between family and corporation
  • Ensure effective communication and implementation of succession strategies
  • Mitigate any possible barriers to succession
  • Minimize the internal and external costs of succession
  • Always maintain the flexibility of change

Subsequent maintenance management

  • Keep family meeting records to ensure effective communication
  • Confirm that, for relevant issues, a consensus has been reached among family members via multi-directional communication including oral means and written forms
  • Ensure the validity of information and effective communication with all stakeholders by keeping meeting agenda and records
  • Regularly review relevant issues to ensure the suitability of family business regulations
  • Provide comprehensive tax, accounting and legal services and resources to meet customer needs