The succession of family business does not only include career or wealth succession, but also family honors, responsibilities, and missions. However, according to the practical observations of KPMG Family Office, we realized that the members of the first generation of the family do not know where to begin, and the second generation of the family does not dare to speak, when it comes to succession-related issues. As a result, they miss out the best opportunity for succession, and the sustainability of the family business.

In this regard, Pederson Chen, founder of KPMG Family Office, has spent three years compiling ten years of counseling experience and observations into this new book and published "In the Name of the Family - Sustainability of Family Businesses" in October 2021.This new publication brings together succession planning wisdom, practical perspectives and experiences to provide readers with an insight into the keys that support the intergenerational operation of the family business. We hope to provide a framework for dialogue between families and family members, and explore how to open a dialogue on succession.


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Pederson Chen

Partner, Audit Dept. The Founder of Family Office

KPMG in Taiwan