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"He ao ka tui, he ao ka whatu, ka renarena"

"A world is weaved, a world is sowed, and both are fastened as one".

We partner with Māori organisations, government and business to develop solutions that help to transform outcomes for whānau and our communities of Aotearoa.

Our diverse team of specialists work with you to enhance your ability to deliver those outcomes, whether that is redesigning experiences people have when engaging with your organisation, embedding data and digital capabilities to enable you to do more with less, or measuring the impact of investment choices in both financial and non-financial ways.

Alongside some of our other core services, we support you to keep evolving while ensuring that robust financial and risk management systems are in place and that decision makers can get the assurance they need. This is our contribution towards more connected, innovative, and prosperous Māori communities.

We aim to put whānau at the centre of everything and draw on tikanga to inform our approach to our mahi. We weave together indigenous Māori and global approaches in a way that is meaningful, respectful and focused on outcomes that enable our mokopuna to thrive in a rapidly changing world. It takes vision, resilience, hard work and leadership, and we’re here right behind you and beside you every step of the way.

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A partnership to fuel prosperity

Oranga whānau is the true gauge of prosperity for all in Aotearoa. We partner with iwi and Māori businesses, the government and corporate organisations to play our part in bringing that vision to life.

Building a stronger and more sustainable Māori economy

Partnering with iwi organisations and Māori businesses to build a stronger and more sustainable Māori economy that recognises oranga whānau and goes beyond financial prosperity.

Working to deliver equitable outcomes for whānau

Working with the government to help innovate, support strong partnerships and deliver equitable outcomes for whānau and that uphold Tiriti principles. 

Protecting our land, water, air and mokopuna

Empowering corporates who understand the importance of the role that Māori play in helping them become leaders in Environmental and Social Governance.

Our national team

Our national leadership team guide our mahi across the firm to drive our collective kaupapa forward. We work together with our wider firm, bringing them on our journey. At KPMG, we are better together.