Infrastructure’s role in unlocking social and economic value is widely known and appreciated - it sits at the heart of complex societal and economic interactions. In fact, it is fundamentally important to achieve over 90% of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Covid has brought about a new sense of urgency in sustainability: countries across the world are under unprecedented and volatile pressures due to the pandemic, which cast greater responsibility on the governments to protect, nurture and provide a sustainable environment for citizens. Governments in turn are facing resource shortages, increasing demands and diverging needs from an increasingly well-informed and yet vulnerable citizen. Infrastructure is expected to fulfil a key role as a catalyst to sustainable recovery and will form the foundation upon which growth, sustainability and resilience will be founded. In fact, it plays a major role in the five key sectors impacting the ability to achieve 'net zero', as per KPMG’s Net Zero Readiness Index

With almost $60 billion to be invested within the next five years, there is an enormous opportunity to converge disparate interests into a singular collective good.

Our team of advisors understands the Infrastructure sector; we are able to use our integrated service offering, rich data and experience to assist our clients to navigate towards a more sustainable portfolio:

sustainable infrastructure lifecycle


The New Zealand Government has set the tone with strategy, policy and guidelines for a high performing built environment, delivering beyond sector expecations, towards the broader societal wellbeing in Aotearoa. However, some challenges remain to ensure medium to long-term sustainable economic growth is maintained while achieving our Net Zero commitment by 2050.

As more dials are starting to point in the same direction, the message is clear: infrastructure as a sector is being set up to become a key enabler. Renewal and development decisions will increasingly weigh up social, environmental and economical outcomes for New Zealand. 

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