Infrastructure presents a challenge for New Zealand, as it does for many jurisdictions globally. There is strong demand to expand the capacity of our networks, a need to build resilience and uncertainty in the face of rapidly changing technology. This leads to an increasing need for collaborative, evidence-based prioritisation decisions and a strong focus on delivery. For example, investment decisions in transport are increasingly taking into account the links to urban development and where future jobs will be located.

At KPMG we thrive on these infrastructure challenges and work collaboratively with our global colleagues to bring the latest thinking to tailor solutions for New Zealand. Our infrastructure professionals work across the full lifecycle of infrastructure programmes and projects, bringing together skills in strategy, funding and financing, procurement, programme management, asset management, technology and tax. We have been involved in many of New Zealand’s most complex infrastructure programmes and transactions across transport, energy, public housing, education and other social infrastructure.

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Infrastructure is a key enabler of both productivity and wellbeing - it underpins New Zealand’s prosperity. Our transport, energy, and digital networks help us to produce our goods and services and connect them to markets. Our health, education, housing and recreational facilities support the fabric of our society.

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