In New Zealand, housing affordability, housing quality and homelessness are major challenges across most metropolitan and rural areas. 

At their core, these issues are grounded in a long-term housing supply problem that impacts the everyday wellbeing of New Zealanders and the enduring prosperity of the country. 

Growing the Community Housing Sector can be a key component of building a housing system that meets the needs of all New Zealanders. 

Our report unpacks the key challenges facing the Community Housing Sector, and potential opportunities to help accelerate the pace and scale of new supply in New Zealand.

Key challenges identified:

1. Tenant needs are diverse, but the current settings do not recognise this.

4. Challenging economics are exacerbated by access to third party capital and the cost of finance.

2. Lack of a clear vision from government for the Sector to plan around.

5. Delivering for Māori tenants requires targeted solutions.

3. Limited balance sheets can act as a constraint on new supply investment.

6. Diversity is a strength, but it can lead to scale challenges.

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