One of New Zealand’s most significant challenges is the supply of housing. Unfortunately, an increasing number of people are struggling to find and afford a warm, dry home to live in.

A major constraint is the cost of providing housing in New Zealand. Many of our existing homes also face significant deferred maintenance issues. The reality is that the provision of housing is expensive and requires many parties to come together to ensure well-planned communities with sufficient infrastructure and community spaces.

To deliver affordable and social housing at scale usually requires some form of financial support from central or local government and/or new sources of funding and financing. Often difficult trade-offs between financial and social outcomes need to be considered. 

Having advised the Crown, Local Authorities, Community Housing Providers, property developers and financiers on a wide range of housing matters, we are well-versed in New Zealand’s social and affordable housing sector. 


We are known for developing deliverable solutions that acknowledge financial realities and, most importantly, result in improved outcomes for some of our country’s most vulnerable people. 

We believe that a warm, dry place to call home is a fundamental right and a key enabler of both productivity and wellbeing - it is at the essence of New Zealand’s prosperity. If you are an iwi, CHP, local authority, property developer or financier, contact us to explore how we can work together to help deliver better housing outcomes and fuel New Zealand’s prosperity. 

Our specialist team can share more about the services we offer and how we support in the social and affordable housing sector. 

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