Aotearoa is facing demographic, technological and fiscal shifts that continue to make the effective delivery of health services a challenge for governments, not-for-profit and private sector service providers challenging.

Meeting these challenges and improving patient outcomes will result from a wide range of capabilities including strong strategic and commercial skills, performance management, robust reporting frameworks and effective use of technology.

Key focus areas for health

We work alongside healthcare providers to build a sustainable culture of continuous quality improvement. Alongside our global experience we help our partners achieve operational excellence in the areas that most challenge health systems, we support with the leadership development and skills transfer needed to deliver ongoing improvements to clinical quality, cost and the wellbeing of your workforce.

We support health and human services organisations to redesign care systems around population needs to improve outcomes. Our approach is built on the foundation of our Tōmua economic and social development methodologies and underpinned by practical tools to develop capability at every stage of the commissioning cycle. We partner with our clients to lead the development high-performing, integrated systems of care and support that enhance wellbeing and independence across communities.

The workforce crisis is perhaps now the biggest challenge that the Healthcare sector has ever faced. We know that without a skilled workforce, safe care cannot be provided. That’s why the solutions and support we offer are aligned to the national priorities for health, but with an ability to be agile enough to develop bespoke local solutions that address local issues.
Our workforce propositions are designed to support you in tackling workforce challenges, with innovation and digital solutions at the heart of what we do.

Data and analytics are fundamental to everything we do, ensuring all our solutions are data-driven and therefore evidence-based. We provide a comprehensive range of data and analytics services and solutions; from data strategy to data platform development to bespoke analytical services to products and analytics capability development.

Enabling digital transformation can be a challenge especially if not knowing where to start, and which digital solutions will help you most, but also bring you best value for investment. Supporting healthcare organisations to define, deliver and assure digital transformation of care systems and national technology services. Focussing on priorities such as population health, EPR, virtual care and access to the Cloud.

Globally, healthcare systems have been experiencing waves of crisis, struggling with issues related to service access, demand, workforce shortages, and staff burnout. Aotearoa is no different.

This publication weaves together KPMG Global's healthcare insights and trends with Aotearoa's unique cultural context to set out how we might work to achieve a system that is more efficient and equitable for all New Zealanders.

Our thinking has been informed by our Tōmua methodologies - a whakapapa of connected methodologies that tackle different aspects of transformation underpinned by a set of principles that ultimately transform how we see, interpret and approach challenges. These methodologies have been co-designed by KPMG and a panel of Māori thought leaders, and embed a systems-thinking approach, Māori values and Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

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