Infrastructure is a key enabler of both productivity and wellbeing - it underpins New Zealand’s prosperity. A fundamental constraint on the delivery of infrastructure in New Zealand is identifying new and sustainable revenue streams to pay for it. We believe new and innovative source of revenue, targeted at an investment’s particular beneficiaries and structured to support efficient financing, are the key, supporting a step-change in public infrastructure provision.

The new sources of revenue also become exponentially more powerful when they are combined with highly efficient financing solutions. Public agencies in New Zealand face multiple limiting factors on their ability to borrow. Solutions which sit outside of these constraints are required.

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KPMG’s offering is unique in that our team members have extensive first-hand experience in structuring and closing innovative infrastructure funding and financing tools used in New Zealand and offshore. We have a track record of delivering ground-breaking models that have real world application – not theoretical structures that don’t work.

We explore with you how we can work together to fund and finance infrastructure to connect our cities and regions and fuel New Zealand’s prosperity. 

To understand more about the services we offer and how we support clients with funding and financing infrastructure projects, explore below or get in touch with our specialist team. 

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