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The existing business model of transport and logistics companies is undergoing unprecedented challenge with increasing customer expectations, labour shortages, decreasing margins, and innovation and technology changing the way that companies operate within the sector.

While these challenges represent a risk to those that are not ready for change, they also represent an opportunity to those that adopt technology and invest in collaborative partnerships with other participants in the industry. Resources have to be invested wisely to remain relevant and meet these increasing demands.

Our transport team regularly work with transport planners and policy makers enabling us to assist with the development and implementation of business solutions and gain insight. We are an integral part of our global transport group, enabling us to draw on our international capabilities and add value here in New Zealand.

For more information, please read our Transport Capabilities document or contact us today.

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Our capabilities cover:

  • Aviation including airports, airlines and airline services;
  • Shipping and ports;
  • Land transport including heavy and light rail, coach, bus and transit businesses;
  • Road freight and logistics including postal services;
  • Travel & leisure (Hotels, online gaming, travel & tourism etc.).

We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist you in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.

We help clients in many areas including:

  • Audit & assurance
  • Customer excellence
  • Cyber security & data privacy
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • International tax
  • Information technology
  • Strategy & transformation
  • Sustainable value
  • Transaction & deals