There is an imperative for governments at all levels to deliver services that are citizen-centric and maximise the benefits that digital innovation and emerging technologies offer.

This transformation is expected by citizens and businesses, and is critical to the future prosperity of all New Zealanders.


What is a modern government?

  1. It understands its citizens’ needs and preferences and provides a different digital experience for consumers and businesses.

  1. It shares data, fostering interoperability and collaborating to fulfills the digital promise and better meet citizens

  1. It connects across agencies, programs and services, with an agile and skilled workforce using technology to increase transparency and win public trust.

How to modernise government

We have identified six essential themes for a modern government:


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    Journey to the cloud

    An integral step in modernising government is the migration to cloud-based platforms. Moving to cloud supports the shift from siloed government services to integrated and reliable services that follow citizen life journeys to produce a customer-focused approach.

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    Addressing the data challenge

    Government’s vision is to unlock the economic and social value of data, not only by improving how data is used to develop policies and deliver services, but also by removing barriers to better data access, use and sharing by all New Zealander's.

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    Designing for the future

    At all levels of government there is a continuing reliance on outdated legacy technology. Governments must demonstrate how digital service delivery and technology transformations can enhance citizen and business experiences and generate trust.

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    Simply cyber

    A robust cyber security capability equips government agencies at all three levels of government to address sophisticated threats, particularly to the essential services all New Zealander’s rely on - everything from electricity and water, to healthcare and citizen services.

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    Mindset, readiness & culture

    Leaders, managers and citizens need to adapt and evolve their behaviour to embrace technology enabled, data driven and digitally delivered outcomes and experiences.

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    Delivering on the government promise

    Transforming the citizen and business experience of interacting with government in a modern, digital way.

Modern governments need to be connected enterprises — Cloud and AI-driven technologies can help governments securely connect data across their enterprise. Better data management ensures a better experience, where people have a unified profile across all interactions with government.