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Today’s dynamic economic landscape presents increasingly complex challenges. Liquidity and financing risks, sourcing and deployment of capital, corporate governance, risk management, regulatory reform, infrastructure development, and organisational issues caused by consolidation, growth, and systems evolution are among the issues at the top of management’s agenda.

When construction leaders turn to KPMG for advice, they do so because we understand the industry on a local, national and global level. We provide services tailored specifically to meet the needs of the industry and have created a diverse practice that includes chartered accountants, finance and tax professionals, professional engineers, architects, project managers, contract and procurement specialists, business valuation specialists, cost estimates and specialists, certified fraud examiners and forensic technology specialists.

Our team provide strategic insights and relevant guidance wherever our clients operate. We help our clients to identify and mitigate project risks throughout the project life cycle. Our methodology encompasses both ‘doing the right project’ and ‘doing the project right’. Specific services we include are construction programme evaluations, project risk and controls assessments, contract compliance analysis and cost investigations, as well as project support on complex and troubled projects. In addition, we have data analytics capability to help construction companies improve productivity, compliance, and overall performance.

We provide industry knowledge, multidisciplinary teams, and substantive experience in managing both the financial and technical aspects of major capital projects and programs. By combining valuable global insight with hands-on local experience, we can help you address challenges at any stage of the life cycle of infrastructure assets or programs — from planning, strategy and construction through to operations and hand-back.

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